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Other than the acclaimed Octoberfest which is being held in Munich from the 22 of September till the 7 of October, Germany can offer its travelers a long scope of less advanced however not less fascinating fall celebrations.

So the lager celebration is being held in Berlin for the 57th time. It begins the 28th of September and completions on the fourteenth of October. At Ara, Mozel and Rein this period is a period of grape social occasion and youthful wine celebrations. These celebrations pull in to the districts German as well as unfamiliar sightseers. The celebration “culinary fall at the Lane waterway” is viewed as one of the most brilliant one and it is held inside a month: from the first till the 31st of October. Here at the “Limburg-on-Lane” is conceivable to taste Hessen wines and nearby food of this government place.

From the second till the fifteenth of October in Neustadt (Reynald-Pfalz) is being held the principle German celebration of wine.

However, in Weymar arranged in Thuringen the 354 onion market – the greatest public celebration of the district will be held from the twelfth till the fourteenth of October.

From the nineteenth of October till the fourth of November is being held the most antiquated celebration of Germany – the Bremen market. First time it occurred 950 years back and is viewed as the most public festival of the southern Germany.

Germany isn’t the main European nation where in Autumn a great deal of celebrations and festivities are held. This is really a solid touristic season for this nation.


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